A five-week journey beginning 28th April 2015….although it has already begun…..  Blog Posts begin here…

This blog was created for family, friends and anyone else who wants to drop by. A record of our journey to ‘meet’ our ancestors in the towns of their origin. 

A story line based on FACTS sprinkled with FUN and FANTASY  –  to create a more enjoyable read for a somewhat boring chain of facts for those not directly involved in the journey.

We want our ancestors to ‘LIVE’  in some form, to share a celebration drink with them in the towns they once lived.

To step where they once walked, to feel the soils with bare feet where they once toiled, to touch a building and feel their presence, to see the sights they once looked upon. By understanding and appreciating their journey through life, we will understand ourselves more. All our ancestors essence resides in the cells of our being.

We extensively researched all the facts of our ancestors several years ago, creating a 500 page book filled with records, old maps, name origins, sketches of their towns and ships they journeyed on to Australia and much more. Preserving our family’s history to be passed down through the generations.

*Please note: The names, towns and years are factual – the letters were written in a fanciful tone from the information we had gathered about each person’s life, the research of the times and perhaps their personality.


**Anyone interested in tracing their own family tree, go and do it! It won’t be easy at times and we would suggest to engage another family member of equal interest to keep the ball rolling.

If you want to know how to start or are stuck somewhere, you can drop us a line and will gladly try to help.

FACTS  – FUN – FANTASY !!! It is so worth the journey….



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